Santiago Quesada

Exploration Director​


Santiago Quesada - Repsol Exploration Director 


Santiago Quesada is the director of Exploration and Production Technology at the Repsol Techology Centre. In this capacity, he oversees centers in Madrid, Houston and Rio de Janeiro. His group develops Repsol's Strategic Technology Plan comprised of multiannual strategic projects covering leading-edge aspects of the oil and gas industry, including subsurface imaging, advanced earth modeling, reservoir and fluid characterization with the application of disruptive sciences like cognitive computing or nanotechnologies.

Mr. Quesada received his Master of Science in geology from the University of the Basque Country, and in 1989 began his career as a researcher at the University. From 1993 to 1997, he occupied various positions in consulting firms in Madrid, where he was in charge of subsurface projects for the oil and gas industry. He joined Repsol in 1998 as a specialist in basin and petroleum system analysis in Madrid. He thereafter worked for the company in Argentina as Exploration Manager, before returning to Spain in 2008 as Manager of Quality Assurance. He was appointed Technical Director of Geology in 2012 before assuming his current position in 2013.

Mr. Quesada has published many papers in national and international journals, teaches seminars and presents annually at major industry conferences.