Ari Kahn is the Project Manager for Con Edison’s electric vehicle demonstration program, which partners with the private sector to implement business and technology innovation.


Ari Kahn worked previously at MOVE Systems, a New York startup where he led the sales and development of an ambulance anti-idling charging station. Ari was the Policy Advisor for Electric Vehicles to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Bill DeBlasio, where he helped change electricity policy to make ToU pricing available for electric cars, wrote and spearheaded a new City law that will make up to 10,000 private parking spots EV ready, and created a curbside electrification pilot for food carts. Previously, Ari was a fellow at the Natural Resources Defense Council, where he helped pass a precedent setting electronics recycling law at city and state level.


Ari graduated from Amherst College and received an MBA from the Yale School of Management.

Ari Kahn

Project Specialist, Electric Vehicle Demonstration Projects, ConEdison