Solar Site Identification in Half the Time: The Precision-Guided Missile Approach

We deploy proprietary algorithms to identify better sites for multi-megawatt solar farms in half the time of other solar developers. We harness geographic information systems (GIS), geological data, and distribution grid information in a machine learning software environment that outputs a short list of great solar sites


Conamix’s key protected technology is the exclusive ability to manufacture nanostructured silicon that can improve the energy density of lithium ion batteries by over 30%. The manufacturing process is protected by two different Cornell patent applications exclusively licensed to Conamix and allows the material to be made with low cost precursors in a highly scalable solid-state roll-to-roll process.


Lionano is a high-performance, high-quality material supplier for lithium-ion battery manufacturers. Lionano has obtained exclusive worldwide technology license from Cornell University. Lionano developed a proprietary, nano-engineered material for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs).

MultiSensor Scientific

MultiSensor Scientific is developing a multi-spectral infrared imaging system for detection, visualization and measurement of methane leaks throughout natural gas infrastructure. Our technology adds real-time quantification of emissions on a touchscreen interface to a hand-held camera platform all for half the price of today's infrared gas cameras.


Railtricity develops and commercializes innovative products to harvest tens of watts of electricity from rail track vibrations.  We then convert this stored energy, at the track location, to power sensors, signal lights, gate crossings, wireless communications, and other track-side electrical infrastructures for the safe operation and maintenance of freight and passenger rails, especially in remote areas and tunnels.   Our first product, the Power Box, is production-ready and underwent successful field test at the premier RR testing facility.


SHAREnergy is a social enterprise, fostering and tracking energy efficiency in commercial buildings in mega-cities; using kWh savings as a catalyzer to finance solar projects for communities living off-grid in developing countries.

Bonded Energy Solutions (BES) Steam Tech is an unprecedented, patent pending, modular steam heat control system that creates heating zones down to a radiator level in steam heated buildings while matching heat output to the building's needs. No more over-heated or under-heated apartments. The system can set temperatures for each radiator or zone independently through the Internet and modulate what temperature each zone in the building is maintained at.

Bonded Energy Solutions

Integrated Solar Technology (IST)

Integrated Solar Technology (IST) is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and selling specialized solar products that enable better integration with existing building and design practices and which enable a 21st century energy lifestyle. IST’s first products, the SunTegraTM Shingle and Tile solar roof systems, launched in October 2014 and are roof-integrated solar products for residential and commercial sloped roofs

MOVE Systems is committed to bringing the safest, cleanest, and most advanced solutions for the mobile food industry to vendors, municipalities, and consumers around the world. By employing our unique hybrid energy system, we are able to rid the city streets of improperly deployed propane tanks and polluting generators and, in the process, provide the most sophisticated technology for the next generation of food carts & trucks.

MOVE Systems

Pooran Energy

This new technology involves the use of wind/steam power to produce electricity that can be used around the rapid metro rail-track areas or airport areas. This force can be used near the rail track (tunnels preferably) areas where train speed is the highest or outside airport areas. This process will produce wind energy and when trains/aero-planes are not moving, at that time, steam energy can be produced in closed box system whereas wind energy will be produced in a open box system.

Rentricity, Inc. is the leading developer of in-pipe hydropower systems that provide clean electricity and application solutions for water infrastructure. Rentricity is the sole global provider of NSF-certified product configurations which convert excess water pressure into electricity, offsetting energy usage and powering smart technologies such as sensors and water treatment devices.



Founded in late 2012, Sealed is revolutionizing the world of home energy efficiency. One of the largest untapped sources of carbon emissions reduction, enhanced home efficiency is a big piece of the cleantech puzzle, and Sealed is changing the game. We are the first and only company to offer a contractual guarantee to homeowners who install energy-saving improvements. We provide this guarantee using industry-specific data, as well as proprietary analytics and software.

Smart Material Diagnostics and Repairing (SMD&R) was founded in Houston,TX, USA in 2015 to prevent catastrophic operational failures and business interruption and provide safe living environment in commercial and residential buildings. SMD&R delivers continuous and economical boundary integrity monitoring solutions with the help of proven advanced smart material and corrosion detection technologies.


Solar People is a start-up company in Ghana that provides solar lighting solutions to off-grid communities. We focus on rural electrification strategies with the vision of eradicating kerosene lamps in the country. Our main aim is to provide affordable solar lighting technologies to low income households through a flexible payment plan.

Solar People

ThermoLift is developing a cold-climate natural gas air-conditioner and heat pump technology (TL) that combines heating, air-conditioning, and water heating into a single appliance.  TL can provide a 30-50% reduction in building HVAC costs as well as associated reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The pump is powered by natural gas and energy in the surrounding air, although later generations will be able to run on fuel oil, biofuels and concentrated solar.


Third Power

Founded in 2011, Third Power develops grid-scale, long-duration energy storage projects in the range of 5 to 100 MW using proprietary thermal storage solutions. Our ReStoreTM technology converts retired or mothballed steam cycle power plants into useful, emissions free, energy storage systems. The keys to our solutions are capital costs that are low enough to be competitive in today’s markets, short development time and limited permitting requirements, and reutilization of existing, but otherwise zero or negative value infrastructure.

Toilets for People

Toilets for People (TfP) is a social business that manufactures and sells affordable, easy-to-use, sustainable composting toilets to individuals and organizations seeking a hygienic sanitation solution for off-grid homes, urban slums, displaced persons camps and flood-prone communities worldwide.

Full Circle Feed

Full Circle Feed is addressing the food waste crisis in our society by innovatively using surplus food from institutional dining hall buffets to create nutritious dog treats. Our dog biscuits fill a niche by providing a truly sustainable and environmentally-friendly treat where none exists today. We are currently looking to reach new markets and expand the number of stores that carry our product. 

Dynamic Supplier Alignment

The market potential for PEM fuel cells operating on hydrogen and air with platinum catalysts in varied vehicular and stationary applications is constrained due to high cost and low efficiency.  MEAn Technologies, proprietary process boosts power output by 40%, provides extended operation at lower voltage and temperature and is a significant breakthrough enabling access to growing markets for clean energy.